Tuesday Adult Bible Study

This group meets every Tuesday from 9:30-11:00 a.m. in the LeGras Conference Room, September through April.

Tuesday Adult Bible Study will resume their study on Women of the Bible on September 12, 9:30-11:00am in the LeGras Conference Room. We have a lovely group of approximately 25 men and women, and some of them have been in this class since January 1996! Coffee/snack is served, but no babysitting available. There is no homework. You will get a notebook with all the handouts of the women that are covered in the classroom–no need to take notes! For newcomers, there is a one time fee of $2.00 to cover the notebook/materials. Previous Bible study/ knowledge not required, however, please bring your Bible and notebook to class every week.
PS: After we finish Women of the Bible, Mary will be teaching Men of the Bible.

Mary Campbell is a certified Religious Education teacher through the Diocese of Pittsburgh and has been teaching the Bible weekly since 1978.

No previous Bible study or knowledge required—just the desire to learn God’s Word—the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).  All are welcome.

We have a nice group of men and women and coffee is served. We have been meeting weekly since 1996.

2013-2014 Group

There is no babysitting available. Questions? Call Mary Campbell at 412-257-2789. Please bring your Bible to class.

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