“I have set an example for you so that you will do just what I have done.”
John 13:15

Family Fun/Service Days

  • Saturday,  November 16, 2019  – RED DOOR lunches @ St. Joan Gathering Place
    • Morning time is TBA
  • Sunday,  December 8, 2019 – BREAKFAST with SANTA @ St. Joan Gathering Place
    • Morning time is TBA
  • Saturday, March 14, 2020 – RISE AGAINST HUNGER meals @ St. Louise LeGras Hall lower level
    • Morning time is TBA

We will continue our support of Cuidad Los Ninos, an orphanage in Mazatlan, Mexico. Father Joe Sioli has visited this orphanage, and the Missionary Sisters of Christ who run it. Money donations are necessary to cover medical supplies for the children. In addition to collecting funds, we will make many cards for the five area orphanages. The donations and cards will be physically delivered to the orphans and Sisters by the spring Missionary Team. Our tradition of prayer and contributions will continue again, this year, as the Lenten Outreach for the whole St. Louise de Marillac Parish.

CONTACT:  To RSVP or ask questions, please contact the Faith Formation Office at stlreligioused@stlouisedemarillac.org or call 412-835-1155.


A new and very important ministry is forming!
As we merge into a single parish grouping, we hope to model hospitality and collaboration.  The goal of this ministry is to build on the good spirit of our communities and create an even more warm, welcoming, inviting environment for every person entering our parish doors each week.  The Hospitality Ministry is forming to help foster this kind of environment and we ask the Holy Spirit to be with all of us as we commence.

Being a part of this ministry is a great way for families to serve in the church together. It’s also a wonderful way to get to know others within the parish.  We especially welcome our young parishioners and teens to be part of this ministry. (and this is a way to earn recognition for community service required for school, scouting or in preparation for Confirmation.)   We welcome all varying families  (single parent families, those with very young, school aged, teen children, and senior families) to comprise the team.  The more who take part, the easier it will be to spread the tasks.

Q&A About the new ministry 

What will members of the Hospitality Ministry be asked to do?
Simply greet individuals as they arrive and leave mass.  If able-bodied, assist parishioners from their cars to and from the church building.

What qualifications are needed?
A smile and the ability to sincerely welcome and send-off individuals who come to worship with us each week at mass.
Parents, your children can serve right alongside you and they may be more natural at this than you are!

How much of a commitment is needed?
Members can let us know how often they would like to serve as weekly commitment can sometimes be difficult.  Every week, once a month, every other month… whatever works for you!

To join or make inquiries about the Hospitality Ministry, contact any one of the following individuals:
Marcella Lantzman – mlantzman@stlouisedemarillac.org
Mary Pat Suchy – mpsuchy@verizon.net
Mary Jane Leach – maryjaneleach@comcast.net
Mary Tracey – marytracey0717@gmail.com

Called to Serve…..

As baptized Christians and believers we are all called by God to service….This “calling” is part of us, who we are as followers of Jesus. This “calling” is an obligation to living out the Faith in every day actions….

So as we all grow moment by moment as living members of the Body of Christ, we must look at how we offer our gifts and talents for the honor and glory of God….we begin to understand a little more the phrase… “Living out our Faith.” So as we look to the future we think about how we are compelled to offer compassion, empathy, helpfulness, and support, just at our parish patron saint, Louise de Marillac did all those years ago…

Here are some questions for personal reflection and discernment:

  • How do I put my Faith into action?
  • What is my Baptismal call?
  • How often do I go out of my way to help others?
  • Do I notice when people need help?
  • Do I look for places to be of service?
  • Am I honestly using the gifts God has given me for his honor and glory and the benefit of others?

We encourage active service because it is THE WAY to follow the example of Jesus. It’s NOT meant as an opportunity for gaining “hours” or “points,” but is an integral part of who we are as DISCIPLES and people of Faith. All are invited to serve in our PARISH Community, LOCAL Community and WORLD Community. Performing service is a means to examine and live out our giftedness. The Gospel is very clear….we are called to feed the hungry, comfort those in need, and LIVE service to others. This is a wonderful way to reach beyond ourselves to support other people and respond to the challenge of truly loving our neighbor as Christ loves us!

Confirmation Service Hours Form

Works of Mercy

Corporal Works of Mercy

are acts of love that help us to care for the physical and material needs of others:

  • Feed the Hungry
  • Give drink to the Thirsty
  • Clothe the Naked
  • Visit the Imprisoned
  • Shelter the Homeless
  • Visit the Sick
  • Bury the Dead

Spiritual Works of Mercy

are acts of love that help us to care for the needs of people’s hearts, minds, and souls:

  • Admonish the Sinner
  • Instruct the Ignorant
  • Counsel the Doubtful
  • Comfort the sorrowful
  • Bear wrongs Patiently
  • Forgive all Injuries
  • Pray for the Living and the Dead

Service to the Parish Community of  St. Louise de Marillac Parish

Altar Servers – Assists the celebrants at masses.
Lectors – Assists in the readings and petitions.
Jason Zych

Catechetical Aide – Assist Religious Education Catechists in the classroom setting and/or the Religious Education Office.
Religious Ed Center

Child Care – Assist in providing babysitting duties for parents attending meetings or helping with classes.
Religious Ed Center

Children’s Choir – Celebrate the liturgy with song as part of the choir.
Contact: Gregory Fincham

De Marillac Women’s Guild – Help with the annual Craft Fair around Christmas and the July Flea Market.
Mary Frances Glausser

Fish Fry – Assists with set-up, clean-up, serving, taking orders etc. with the Family Fish Fry during Lent.
Ed Makowski

Greeters – Greet parishioners and visitors to St Louise at various masses. Pass out worship aids/programs.
Religious Ed Center

Junior Ladies of Charity
Jeanie Rowles
Mary Diederich

Prayer Shawls – This ministry crochets and knits shawls and offers prayers to the recipients of the shawls.
Rose Russell

Sew I May Serve – The mission of the Sew I May Serve youth sewing ministry is to serve God through service to others, by creating handmade items of comfort and beauty, for social service agencies, parish ministries, and individuals in need in our community and beyond.
Carla Wilding at 412-835-4270 or

Service to the Local Community

St Louise de Marillac Parish Service
320 McMurray Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15241-1616
Email: stl@stlouisedemarillac.org

Family Promise of Southwestern PA – Family Promise connects homeless families with a network of local congregations and dedicated staff, all focused on helping these families return to sustainable, independent living in the community.  Family Promise volunteers serve the host churches by providing meals, overnight supervision, and hospitality in the form of crafts, games, movies, and fellowship.  Family Promise is particularly well -suited for parents and children to volunteer together.
St. Anne in Castle Shannon and St. Benedict the Abbot in McMurray are proud members of the Family Promise network.  These parishes need volunteers for all aspects of this vital ministry during the weeks that they host families.
Questions about Family Promise, contact:
Carla Wilding at 412-835-4270 or
Family Promise direct contact:
297 E. Beau St.
Washington, PA 15301

Mooncrest Community– Operated by the Felician Sisters of Coraopolis, Mooncrest Community Center provides after-school tutoring and mentoring programs for children in grades kindergarten through sixth, as well as social activities and educational programs for the adults in the community.
The needs at Mooncrest are extensive and varied. The program coordinators always appreciate school supplies, cleaning supplies, paper products, and hygiene products, as well as “prizes” (small new toys or games) that the Mooncrest children can earn through good behavior.
You may contact Nancy Lowry, the Mooncrest Program Director, at 412-299-5651 or nlawry@feliciansisters.org  to inquire about their current needs.  Please contact Nancy by phone in the morning or by email in the afternoon.
Service hours may be earned for time spent collecting or shopping for these items (perhaps with money “earned” by performing Christian deeds in your home, school, or neighborhood). The time spent delivering these items to Mooncrest is also considered an act of service. These service hours could ideally be performed together as a family.
Questions about Mooncrest, contact:
Carla Wilding at 412-835-4270 or

South Hills Interfaith Movement – Help with food pantry by unloading, sorting, and stacking food items.
Becca Cornell
412-854-9120 X106
5301 Park Ave.
Bethel Park, PA 15102

St. Winifred Food Pantry – Help with food pantry by unloading, sorting, and stacking food items.
Maryanne Stock
550 Sleepy Hollow Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Angel Ridge Animal Rescue – Help with grooming, one-on-one time with animals, kennel helpers, special events and fundraising. Become a foster home.
390 Old Hickory Rd
Washington, PA 15301

Miracle League of South Hills – Must pre-register. Ages 12 and up.   2 hour minimum. Become a buddy for a special needs player. Game day assistants, announcers, concession help, registration help, etc. needed.
1551 Mayview Rd.
Upper St. Clair, PA 15241

Bethel Park Library – Assist with summer reading activities, children’s department, re-shelving books and general library activities. They will work with your interests.
Jackie Williams
5100 W. Library Ave.
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Mt. Lebanon Library – Assist with special programs and events. Application on website.
Ginnie Fickman
16 Castle Shannon Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Peters Township Library – Assist with summer reading program and special events. Accepts volunteers ages 12 and up. Application is on website.
Myra Oleynik
616 E. McMurray Rd.
McMurray, PA 15317

Upper St. Clair Library – Assist with summer reading program and children’s event. Application is on website.
Colleen Miles
1820 McLaughlin Run Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

St. Clair Hospital – Help at the Welcome Center/Information desk, mail courier, patient escorts. Etc. Must be ages 14 and up
Volunteer Services
1000 Bower Hill Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store – Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Duties can include cleaning shelves, taking donations, helping bag items at the register, etc.
Laurie Heisler
3423 Library Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank – Volunteer at the center reloading shelves, bagging items, etc. Help with over 40 special events throughout the area. Organize a food drive.
Beci and Michael
412-460-3663 X301
1 North Linden St.
Duquesne, PA 15110

Service to the World Community

American Red Cross – Help with special events. Hold a fundraiser for international humanitarian relief. Ages 13-17 application on website.
Anna Drenning

Catholic Relief Services – Help with raising funds for international humanitarian and emergency relief.
228 W. Lexington St.
Baltimore, MD 21201-3443

Chimbote Foundation Inc. – Inform others of the “bridge of love and hope” between the Pittsburgh dioceses and the people of Chimbote, Peru by hold awareness classes or producing flyers for fundraising purposes.
Religious Education Center

Society of St. Vincent de Paul – Fundraise for international humanitarian and emergency relief.
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
National Council of the U.S.
58 Progress Parkway
Maryland Heights, MO 63043-3706

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