“Go to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples.”   Matthew 28:19

All are welcome…


Luke Alvare, Markus Andrews, Anna Barefoot, Sean Burns, Anthony Cardello, Michael Cardello, Joseph Cooper, Leah Forster, Daniel Gibson, Maya Gottlieb,
Cassidy Guarino, Ashley Hafenbrack, Nolan Hilbert, Larissa Hobba, Kaitlyn Hughes, Janelle Knierim, Abagail Kusic, Rachel Kusic, Marcus Mammana,
Rebecca McIntosh, Emily Morian, Jessica Mueller, Michael Oliverio, Sophia Oliverio, Cameron Paolicelli, Cameron Phillips, Lindsey Powanda, Emily Powell,
Cooper Quinn, Juliana Quiroga-Castaneda, Luis Quiroga-Castaneda, Sawyer Recker, Isabella Robinson, Gianna Ruffolo, Hunter Schroeck, Natalie Smith,
Angelina Stein, Carter Stein, Caden Stokes, Savanna Stokes, Evan Taylor, Ryan Wells, Kaitlyn Wiard, Victor Wilson, Kayla Zimmerman, Lily Zimmerman

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The LAST CLASSES of 2017-18 Catechetical Year were Monday, April 16; Wednesday, April 18; and Thursday, April 19.
Anyone who needs to complete home school assessments please call 412-835-1155 or email stlreligioused@stlouisedemarillac.org to make an appointment.

8th Grade Confirmation Prep:

CONFIRMATION FORMS AND INFORMATION are due by Sunday, April 15, 2018.
Please return to the Religious Education Center, through your teachers/catechists. You also may bring them to the Parish Office this coming weekend to be placed in the Religious Education mailbox. Parish Office hours are 9:00am-3:00pm on Saturday, and 8:00am-2:00pm on Sunday. The forms are the colored pages in the back of the Red Confirmation Book. Cut or tear out and KEEP your book… you’ll need it for reference as Confirmation approaches.

Please make sure that:

  • Confirmation Sponsor Information Form (Green Color) is completed. If the Sponsor chosen is NOT a member of St. Louise de Marillac Parish, they must get a Sponsor Letter of Eligibility from their home parish (by calling or emailing their parish office and requesting one).
  • Saint Report and Confirmation Name Form (Gold Color).  If you choose your given name for Confirmation, please select a saint that has significance to you and do the report on that saint. Attach the report to your Gold form.
  • Confirmation Service Form (Peach Color) are completed. If you are scheduled to perform service in the future (eg. this summer), please make note of it and submit a letter or form signed by a leader for the service after it has occured.

If you have further questions, please email luhlmann@stlouisedemarillac.org or call 412-835-1155, x227. Please know that my prayers are with you always!

FYI… LOW GLUTEN family members:

To ensure your participation, please be aware that you may request to receive a low gluten (it’s very low) host during Eucharist.
The procedure at St. Louise de Marillac is:
1.  please inform the sacristan before the Mass that low gluten is needed. The sacristy is at the end of the short hall opposite the table at the main entrance to our Church.
2.  always go to the priests “line” to receive the Sacrament.
3.  please quietly say “low-gluten” to the priest so he is aware.

St. Louise de Marillac Parish
Religious Education Center
310 McMurray Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

The Religious Education Center is located in the BACK lower level of the St. Louise School building, the farthest double doors to the LEFT, closest to the ball fields and Johnston Rd.  Security doors have a buzzer to access entrance.

Mission: The Religious Education Center for St. Louise de Marillac Parish exists to share the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ with all whom we encounter. We invite, engage, and empower children, youth and adults: calling them into a deeper relationship and lifelong journey with Jesus through evangelization, education, and formation.

Vision: We humbly serve as Disciples of Christ, called to build up the Kingdom of God now!

Identity: Lead by Christ as People of Faith, we offer various models of formation, and consist of:

350 families from the South Hills region of Pittsburgh;
600 students from kindergarten through eighth grades;
90+ volunteer staff of catechists, aides and team members

Religious Education Center Staff:

Staff Email: stlreligioused@stlouisedemarillac.org

Office Phone: 412-835-1155
Fax: 412-833-3952

GROUP E-Mail: FLOCKNOTE (designated with STL Crest and/or white sheep). If you believe your are NOT receiving these message, please add mail@flocknote.com to your contacts or safe sender list.

The Religious Education Center hours during Catechetical class sessions:

  • Monday – 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Tuesday – 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday and Thursday – 7:30 AM – 8:30 PM
  • Friday – CLOSED

Religious Education programs typically begin Catechetical Sunday in September and end in April dependant on the liturgical calendar of that year. Please see Calendars and Sessions page for details and exact dates per year.

Family Fees:

  • $75- one child
  • $130- two children
  • $150- three or more children
  • $25- late fee

Weather Cancellations can be found at:

  • If the Upper St. Clair School District is CLOSED due to weather, Religious Education Classes are automatically cancelled for that day; including Home School testing.
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