Discovering Christ Series

Please join us in LeGras Parish Center Conference Room Wednesday evenings, October 19 through December 7, 2016, from 6:30pm – 9:00pm or Thursday Morning Women’s Group, October 13 through November 16, 2016, from 9:45am – 11:45am.

There will be a special retreat for both sessions on Saturday, November 12, 2016

Enjoy a light meal, praise and worship, and fellowship! Listen to a dynamic teaching and join in a small group discussion about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ.

Discovering Christ is a seven week experience where participants are invited to hear the good news and encounter a personal relationship with Christ. Each session includes a delicious meal, praise and worship, a short talk, and participation in small group discussions led by trained facilitators. There is also an important Saturday retreat which explores the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

For more information or to register contact Kathy Bonessi –


More about ChristLife

Last year we introduced ChristLife to Saint Louise, a three-step evangelization process that is changing lives and transforming parishes. The ChristLife series consists of three essential elements: discover, follow, and share. Each series includes a plan to make followers of Christ, through the continual renewal of their hearts and minds. Over 150 parishioners took advantage of one or even all three sessions, and because of its success we are beginning the series again this fall with Discovering Christ.

Answering the Call of the New Evangelization

The goal of ChristLife is to equip Catholics for the essential work of evangelization so others might personally encounter Jesus Christ and be transformed into His missionary disciples.

Dave Nodar, a Catholic layman, regularly presented schools of evangelization in Poland and Slovakia for young adult Catholics during the 1990’s. Inspired by the call of Pope John Paul II to the New Evangelization, Dave founded ChristLife in 1995 to help all people discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ as members of the Catholic Church. ChristLife is faithful to the Magisterium, nourished by the sacraments, sustained by daily prayer and scripture reading, dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit, and committed to Christian unity.

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