In December 2011, in conjunction with the celebration of our 50th Jubilee Year, we published the inaugural edition of the St. Louise Herald. St. Louise is a very active, vibrant parish and school community that offers a broad range of programs and ministries for its parishioners and school families. The goal of the publication was twofold – to shine the spotlight on a few of these programs in each issue and to share any exciting news related to the parish and school.

The prophet Isaiah celebrates the ministry of one who serves as a Herald in the service of the Lord. The Good News of God’s work being done in our midst is beautiful for us to hear. With this issue we are very happy to reintroduce The Herald our semi-annual parish publication which now brings good news of good things being done in both St. Joan of Arc and St. Louise de Marillac parishes.

The Herald is a beautiful way for the people of our parish communities to continue to get to know one another. It’s also a reminder of the work or call to share in the mission we’re striving to fulfill: being heralds, each and every one, of the Good News – what God is doing in our lives.

Summer 2019 - Issue 2
Winter 2018 - Inaugural Issue
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Winter 2011 - Inaugural Issue
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