Lift Up Your Hearts

As the disciples asked: “Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus’ response reminds us that our prayer is rooted in the close relationship God desires us to have with Him. To know Jesus is to know Our Father who loves and provides for His sons and daughters. In the weeks ahead you will be hearing more about our offering the ChristLife program for the people of Saint Joan and Saint Louise parish grouping. ChristLife is not simply a program of adult faith formation. It is an opportunity to come together to grow in our relationship with the Lord and to strengthen our relationships with one another as His beloved sons and daughters. Throughout the coming weeks I invite all of our parishioners of both Saint Joan and Saint Louise communities to listen, inquire, and prayerfully consider participating in ChristLife this Fall. 

  • Thank you all once again for your support of the annual Missionary Cooperative Appeal. I am happy to share that we collected $2,709.00 at Saint Joan on June 6 & 7, and $8,505.00 at Saint Louise last weekend (July 20 & 21). Please pray for the work of Sister Gratia and Sister Mercy and their Sisters of Mary Immaculate, and for Father Curtis Kiddy and the Passionist fathers and brothers working in Papua New Guinea.
  • Welcome back to our Saint Joan parishioners and youth group members who participated in this summer’s Appalachia Work Camp. Many thanks to all our parishioners and friends for their donations, support, and for many dozens of cookies baked to send along.
  • All throughout the year the ladies of our parish DeMarillac Guild are committed in their support of our church community and many other very worthy ministries. A special thanks to all our Guild members and friends who worked so hard for the recent Timeless Treasures flea market. Thanks to those who have donated items, and to those who came by to come shop. In addition to donations made to several community ministries and organizations, this year the Guild made possible the recent sealing and line painting in the school yard and parking lot.

With continued prayers that this beautiful summer season will bring refreshment and peace to all,

Yours In Christ,
Fr. Joe

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