Lift Up Your Hearts

“How can this man give us his flesh to eat?”

In our Gospel reading this Sunday, as Jesus continues to present Himself as the living bread come down from heaven, whose flesh is true food and whose blood is true drink, we hear of those with whom He speaks having difficulty accepting His gift of self. Here the Lord proceeds with patience, reassuring them that He is true to His word. We are reminded in our Gospel readings over these several Sundays of the gift we receive in the Eucharist which we celebrate at Mass. This is the way we are given for Jesus Christ to be inside of our hearts, to become a part of our lives. It is true, we might recognize in the words of those who doubted Jesus a reflection of our own struggles in taking Jesus at His word. But it is also the Lord’s gentle but persistent call that we should strive to accept with gratitude the gift of Jesus, our Bread of Life, and allow Him to continue to form us as His own people.

I am so happy to be able to welcome Gregg Kotchey to Saint Louise and Saint Joan parishes this week. Gregg is a seminarian who will be spending the next year with us as part of his priestly formation. I look forward with all of you to getting to welcome and know Gregg as he shares in the life of our parish communities.

Yours In Christ,
Fr. Joe

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