Lift Up Your Hearts

Typically I write this column under the title “Lift Up Your Hearts.” These words taken from our liturgy remind us that our prayer and worship is an exchange, in which we lift up our hearts to the Lord and He fills them with His life and love and with all of the other gifts which we need to live in relationship with Him. We are always being formed in the Mass, all year long, to be open to what we focus on in Lent: conversion, turning toward the Lord, responding to Him with hearts that are open and ready to be renewed.

As we keep this season of Lent in our parish community I hope that it will be a time for each of us to renew our relationship with the Lord, and to strengthen our parish community. I hope that you will take advantage of some of the opportunities which have been advertised: our small group Bible Studies, Matthew Kelly’s “Best Lent Ever” daily email reflections, Tuesday evening devotions, “Ignatian Retreat” reflections, and perhaps most importantly, our sacramental life, especially Mass and Confession.

With prayers that this Lent will be a season of many blessings for our parish, I am

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Joe