Lift Up Your Hearts

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

Early on that first Easter morning, the women who came to anoint the body of Jesus were confused and saddened by the first sign of His Resurrection: the Empty Tomb. In time they each came to meet the Risen Lord, and in their encounter with him, their sorrow and anxiety were transformed into hope and peace. They then assumed the role of first evangelists, announcing the good news that the Lord is truly risen!

This Easter I renew my ongoing hope and prayer for our parish of Saint Louise: that we will allow the Lord Jesus, whom we encounter here, to continue to transform us and set our hearts on fire with His love. May we find the grace to continue announcing His Presence among us to our neighbors.

Please join me in offering congratulations, prayers and a very sincere welcome to John Timothy Troutman, Alexander Milliken, Matthew Milliken, Melissa Bannister, Erin Stipetich, Justin Kaszonyi, Robert Sheplar, William Santel, Debra Siciliano, Christopher Filoon, Michael Pitoniak, Austyn Winkleblech and Aydin Winkleblech who were welcomed into the Church through the celebration Sacraments and the Easter Vigil. Each of them has responded profoundly and excitedly to God’s call and has much to offer our community.

May the Risen Savior fill you all with the same Peace and Joy He brought to all who met Him on that first Easter Sunday!

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Joe